CloudWize Demo​

Watch Recorded Demo 

In this video, you can watch a short demo on CloudWize platform.

In this demo, we go over the basic features of the platform that enables you to gain maximum cloud security and compliance along with full observability and control over your cloud environments.

This is a 12 minutes demo. 

You can jump to specific parts:

  • 00:24: Introduction to the main dashboard
  • 01:49: The insights section
  • 02:12: Cloud compliance and regulations engine
  • 05:45: Auto-remediation
  • 05:57: Easily create or customize a rule
  • 08:27: Full visualization of all the resources
  • 09:16: Open another insight from CloudWize out-of-the-box rules
  • 09:42: IDE for remediation code
  • 09:57: Change Tracking tool
  • 10:46: The network analyzer

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Once a week our CEO, Chen Goldberg is giving a group demo. 

In this demo he’s showing how to gain maximum cloud security and compliance using CloudWize platform. 

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