360° Workloads Protection

By using CloudWize you add the ultimate management layer over your cloud so you can enforce security and compliance rules and regulations and get maximum coverage. 

How does CloudWize work?

Our read-only platform collects your cloud’s meta-data from all your resources and services.

The integration of our platform with your cloud providers takes minutes, and immediately you get a real-time scanning of all your cloud environments.

That’s not all, our platform provides you the most relevant and updated predefined best practice rules aimed to keep you secure, cost-effective, and compliant. These rules are continuously automatically updated from cloud providers’ and cloud communitys’ recommendations, and of course our own experts’ knowledge.  

You don’t need to handle the remediation, we’re doing it for you!

With only a few clicks our auto-remediation system fixes issues in all your cloud environments (AWS, Azure, GCP),

Meaning, you are able to control and manage your cloud end-to-end upon integration with CloudWize. 

Bonus point: Our users don’t need to handle the same tickets over and over again. Our predefined guardians help you automatically build a policy that enforces it so this case won’t reoccur again. 

CloudWize innovation edge

CloudWize help you gain easily  maximum cloud security and compliance.

You know all the time you spend learning cloud tools and trying to make sense from all their inputs? CloudWize saves you agony and time because we’re doing it for you.

Our platform gives you complete observability with the option to drill down to the smallest issue in a few clicks.

Are you working with multi-cloud? Double the efforts and grief – no more! One platform to manage all your clouds. Get full insights into your resources and optimize them easily.  

The days when someone did something on the cloud without you knowing about it are over. 

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Join our weekly demo

Once a week our CEO, Chen Goldberg is giving a group demo. 

In this demo he’s showing how to gain maximum cloud security and compliance using CloudWize platform. 

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