An agile cloud architecture optimization solution (SaaS)

With CloudWize, cloud teams can regain visibility and control over their ever-changing cloud environment, creating an optimized, problem-free cloud architecture. 

Teams can troubleshoot faster, prevent incidents from reoccurring, detect divergence from best practices, optimize cloud related costs and ensure that all security and compliance policies are met.

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Biggest challenges in managing cloud architecture

Avoiding budget

Many times the FinOps team is caught by surprise when cloud provider invoices arrive with unexpected costs, making sticking to a planned budget extremely difficult.

Ensuring compliance & security

Ensuring compliance and security policies are met when working with an ever-changing architecture is a huge pain, leading to an endless game of catchup.

Painful troubleshooting & slow recovery

Lack of accurate intel on the changes made to your cloud architecture and the difficulty of keeping track of these changes tend to make root cause analysis and troubleshooting slow and painful. The outcome? Long recovery time that may significantly impact on the bottom line

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CloudWize rises to the challenge - Explore our capabilities

Optimize costs & budget planning
Get alerts on changes with significant cost implications before it’s too late, and enjoy an enhanced ability to avoid budget overruns. Provide your FinOps team with the ability to query and search for misconfigurations that impact costs.
Broad querying capabilities
Analyze your architecture with our advanced multi-service querying capabilities. Use our unique, easy to use graphic language to look for potential cost savings, improve configurations or detect policy breaches to avoid downtime or exposure.
Effective change-tracking and alerts​
Get alerts on misconfigurations and changes with significant cost implications before it’s too late, and enjoy an enhanced ability to avoid budget overruns. Get full visibility into who initiated (person or script) unauthorized changes for quick troubleshooting.
Learn from previous incidents
Methodically capture CloudOps and FinOps knowledge gained from previous incidents and external best practices, and create specific scenarios, rules and alerts on divergence from these policies, best practices and scenarios
Ensure compliance & security
Get alerts based on hundreds of fully customizable predefined security and compliance rules.
Create multi-service rulesets
No need to spend days or weeks of valuable time building and maintaining scripts and functions that keep your architecture aligned with your policies. Use our simple interface to create your own multi-service rules and get back up to 90% of this scripting time to invest in other value-creating tasks.

With CloudWize you can

Avoid recurring cloud configuration errors

Proactively optimize costs

Enhance security & Compliance policies

Continuously implement CloudOps & FinOps accumulated knowledge

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