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About Us

Founded: 2019

Founders: Chen Goldberg, CEO & Dan Ostrosky, CTO. 

What we do:

CloudWize is an innovative holistic solution for maximum cloud security and compliance from architecture design to runtime. We are the only cloud security cloud center of excellence. CloudWize provides 360° protection to private customers and MSSPs, and MSPs worldwide. 

How did it all start?

Our CEO, Chen Goldberg, was a CTO, and he felt the challenges of managing the cloud. The thought of a holistic yet easy-to-use platform emerged. And the rest is history. 

From then on, we’re building and improving the best cloud security and compliance tool with a vision that includes all cloud pillars.  

About Chen Goldberg, CEO: 

Chen has 15 years of experience, starting as a software developer, following as an automation and performance team lead-up, and continuing as CTO to becoming CloudWize CEO. 

He spent eight years managing production cloud architecture and implementing cloud security best practices methodologies in startup companies and enterprises, managing their architectures in multi-cloud environments.

Need more information?

Drop us a message, and we’ll get back to you. 

Chen Goldberg, CEO & Co-Founder

Dan Ostrosky, CTO & Co-Founder

Ready to learn more?

Join our weekly demo

Once a week our CEO, Chen Goldberg is giving a group demo. 

In this demo he’s showing how to gain maximum cloud security and compliance using CloudWize platform. 

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