Embracing the Future of Cloud Security: Xcellhost Chooses CloudWize as Cloud Security Center of Excellence


CloudWize is the first out-of-the-box Cloud Security Center of Excellence (CSCoE) solution that helps companies easily guard their cloud by having maximum cloud security and compliance with minimal effort. Get 360° protection from architecture design to runtime and have peace of mind.


In a groundbreaking move, Xcellhost, the leading Pan Asia Cloud Services provider serving over 10,000 cloud servers, has chosen CloudWize as its trusted partner to build a state-of-the-art Cloud Security Center of Excellence (CSCoE). This strategic alliance, in partnership with Tate92,  a Value Added Distributor with a strong presence in the UK and India, marks a significant milestone in the realm of Cloud Security, with the aim to deliver unmatched protection and redefine the future of secure cloud computing.

CloudWize: A Trailblazer in Cloud Security Center of Excellence (CSCoE) Solutions:

At the forefront of revolutionizing Cloud Security, CloudWize offers the first out-of-the-box Cloud Security Center of Excellence (CSCoE) solution, known as CloudWize. Our innovative approach empowers companies to easily guard their cloud with maximum security and compliance, requiring minimal effort. With CloudWize’s 360° protection, businesses gain peace of mind from architecture design to runtime.

The future of Cloud Security. CloudWIze  as a Cloud Security Center of Excellence (CSCoE)

The Power of CloudWize as a CSCoE in Safeguarding the Cloud:

CloudWize, as the Cloud Security Center of Excellence (CSCoE), serves as the unsung hero, leading the charge for secure and compliant cloud adoption. Let’s explore the superpowers of CloudWize, unraveling how it fortifies cloud security and empowers organizations:

1. Crafting the Shield: Defining and Implementing Cloud Security Policies and Procedures

   – Armed with best practices and community recommendations, CloudWize sets out to implement robust security procedures to fortify the organization’s cloud infrastructure against threats.

2. Guiding the Way: Controlling Identity Access

   – As the beacon of wisdom, CloudWize, ensures the right roles have access to cloud resources for users and administrators.

   – Armed with patience, CloudWize is the ultimate gatekeeper tool, helping to guard access to sensitive data.

3. Vigilant Guardians: Monitoring the Cloud Security Posture

   – With unwavering focus, CloudWize, employs advanced security monitoring techniques to safeguard the organization’s cloud environment.

   – Armed with cutting-edge threat intelligence, CloudWize swiftly detects and neutralizes security threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring a safe cloud kingdom.

4. Unmasking Hidden Dangers: Conducting Security Assessments

   – Fearless in spirit, CloudWize embarks on daring security assessments, unveiling hidden weaknesses and vulnerabilities in cloud deployments.

   – Armed with findings, CloudWize enables you to mount a counteroffensive, so you can implement effective mitigation strategies and raise security shields against potential breaches.

Unleashing the Benefits of CloudWize as a CSCoE:

Empowered by CloudWize as the CSCoE, Tate92 customers reap a host of benefits that strengthen cloud security and compliance while streamlining cloud adoption:

1. The Security Power-Up: Amplifying the Security Posture

   – CloudWize fortifies cloud deployments with unwavering dedication, repelling attackers and safeguarding sensitive data.

2. Taming the Wild Frontier: Mitigating Risks

   – Proactively identifying and addressing potential security risks, CloudWize reduces the organization’s exposure to data breaches and unauthorized access.

3. Compliance Conquerors: Achieving Regulatory Harmony

   – CloudWize, navigates the ever-changing landscape of industry regulations, ensuring seamless compliance.

Embracing CloudWize as the CSCoE: Your Key to Cloud Security Success:

CloudWize, as the CSCoE, with the support of trusted partners such as Tate92, Kyndryl, ITway, and more, represents a pivotal milestone in the evolution of cloud security. Establishing a dedicated CSCoE team becomes imperative as organizations soar to new heights in the cloud. Embrace CloudWize as the CSCoE and unlock the true potential of cloud computing with fortified defenses and compliant operations.

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The journey begins now. Empower your organization with CloudWize as the Cloud Security Center of Excellence, and let your cloud deployments soar with confidence into the boundless skies of secure and compliant cloud computing.

CloudWize is the first tool that provides an out-of-the-box cloud security center of excellence.

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About CloudWize:

CloudWize is a pioneering Cloud Native Application Protection Portal (#CNAPP) specializing in delivering Maximum Cloud Security & Compliance solutions. Their innovative approach empowers businesses to secure their cloud environments effectively.

About Xcellhost Cloud Services Pvt Ltd:

Xcellhost Cloud Services Pvt Ltd is a prominent Pan Asia Cloud Services Provider, serving over 10,000 cloud servers. They are committed to delivering superior cloud solutions to businesses across the region.

About Tate92 for Cyber Security:

Tate92 for Cyber Security is a Value Added Distributor with a strong presence in the UK and India. They are dedicated to facilitating the sales of cutting-edge Cyber and Cloud Security solutions.

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