CloudWize and 63 Moons Technologies Unite Forces to Elevate Cloud Security 


CloudWize is the first out-of-the-box Cloud Security Center of Excellence (CSCoE) solution that helps companies easily guard their cloud by having maximum cloud security and compliance with minimal effort. Get 360° protection from architecture design to runtime and have peace of mind.

[Tel Aviv, Israel] 

In a groundbreaking development for the realms of cloud security and financial technology, CloudWize and 63 Moons Technologies proudly announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration brings together the innovation prowess of 63 Moons Technologies and CloudWize’s singular Cloud Security Center of Excellence (CSCoE) solution, promising a new era of comprehensive security and technological advancement.

Synergizing Financial Technology and Cloud Security

The partnership between 63 Moons Technologies and CloudWize is set to deliver unparalleled value by seamlessly integrating financial technology and cutting-edge cloud security. With CloudWize’s singular focus on CSCoE and 63 Moons Technologies’ expertise in financial technology solutions, businesses can expect a holistic and secure digital transformation experience.

Chen Goldberg, Founder and Co-CEO of CloudWize, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Embracing this partnership with 63 Moons Technologies signifies the convergence of two pioneering forces. Together, we aim to redefine benchmarks in innovation, security, and reliability for businesses navigating the digital landscape.

Driving Innovation and Security Forward

As the partnership unfolds, both companies anticipate not only meeting but exceeding the evolving needs of clients across industries. With CloudWize’s dedication to providing maximum security and compliance in the cloud and 63 Moons Technologies’ track record of serving major financial institutions, the collaboration is poised for success.

This strategic alliance reflects a joint commitment to advancing innovation and fortifying digital landscapes against emerging threats. Clients of both 63 Moons Technologies and CloudWize can anticipate groundbreaking developments as the partnership unfolds, ensuring they remain at the forefront of an ever-evolving technological landscape.

As the world continues its digital transformation journey, the partnership between 63 Moons Technologies and CloudWize stands as a beacon of collaborative innovation, shaping the future of financial technology and cloud security. Stay tuned for exciting developments as these two industry leaders join forces to elevate the standards of security and technology in the digital age.

About 63 Moons Technologies Limited

63 Moons Technologies, previously known as Financial Technologies Limited, has been at the forefront of technological innovation since its establishment in 1988. Founded by Jignesh Shah, the Mumbai-based company has consistently delivered next-gen technology ventures, innovations, and platforms, particularly in the digital markets and marketplaces domain. With a global presence across India, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia, 63 Moons Technologies is celebrated for its brokerage technology solutions, digital marketplaces, and warehousing and collateral management services.

About CloudWize: Elevating Cloud Security to Excellence

CloudWize stands as a trailblazer in the industry, offering a singular Cloud Security Center of Excellence (CSCoE) solution. This innovative platform empowers businesses to effortlessly fortify their cloud infrastructure with maximum security and compliance. From architecture design to runtime, CloudWize provides a 360° protection framework, allowing businesses to confidently embrace the cloud while mitigating risks and safeguarding critical assets.

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