maximum compliance

Automated Regulations for Maximum Compliance

Avoid hefty fines and customers’ trust by complying with regulations and guidelines.

Easily generate reports for audits. 

Get automated packages of standard regulations required but also have the flexibility to add your own rules using the ‘Self’ option. No code is needed.

See Your Compliance State

Mange Your Compliance With Ease

Generate instant reports for audits. 

Automated packages for NIST, PCI-DSS, GDPR, SOC2, HIPAA, ISO, APRA, MAS, FEDRAMP, CIS, LGPD, CCPA, and more! 

These rules are running continuously and being updated.

Get ready for audits! 

All your compliance coverage in one simple-to-read report that fits all cloud stakeholders. 

Create Your Own Rules

Got specific rules and regulations you need to uphold?

Easily add your own policies and regulations to automatically run on your environments. 

Use a drag and drop interface or add your code.

With CloudWize you

Save time

Secure and compliant

Enhance security & Compliance policies

Sleep tight at night

Ready to learn more?

Join our weekly demo

Once a week our CEO, Chen Goldberg is giving a group demo. 

In this demo he’s showing how to gain maximum cloud security and compliance using CloudWize platform. 

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