Get Maximum Cloud Security with Minimum Effort

Execute your cloud security strategy with ease. Get control over your cloud environments and resources. 

View critical vulnerabilities, focus on what matters most,  understand the attack surface and remediate with a click of a button. 

From attack surface to MITRE ATT&CK, IAM, and Web App Penetration Test.

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"CloudWize platform helped to speed the iso process in a significant way. We effortlessly generated the reports and had all the necessary information we needed. The discovery and assessment of our cloud security and compliance were seamless."
Eran Levy
CTO at Outgage

With CloudWize

Rules Running Continuously


Risks Monitoring

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Accurate Findings Ranking
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Reduced Maintenance Time
Minutes Seamless Onboarding
Resorces Scanned 24/7

See the Attack Surface & Get the Context

Save investigation time and make informed decisions.  You can see the attack surface and understand all the connections with an easy to use drag and drop IDE. 

Security Insights

React quickly. 

You can see right away your cloud security state and generate reports. Choose last week, last two weeks, last month, or custom time. 

See Most affected Resources and their severity. 

Also, get Recently Detected vulnerabilities. 

Get recommendations on how to improve your cloud security posture. 

Vulnerabilities Dashboard

New CVEs are continuously added automatically by CloudWize platform. 

In this dashboard you can see Most affected Resources and their severity. 

Also, get Recently Detected vulnerabilities. 

Click on a CVE to see more details. 

Serverless Functions Security

Get security & compliance alerts and insights for your Serverless Architecture (Cloud functions).

Ans also get the context for a specific Lambda. 

Container Security

Secure your K8s workloads from repository-to-code-to-production.

Get the K8s context, vulnerabilities and repository risk scanning.


Understand how to prioritize by using the MITRE ATT&CK matrix. 

See which rules and insights are connected to your tactics. 

You can customize it to your needs.  

All Instance Information at Your Fingertips

Risks Graph View




Architecture View

More Features for Maximum Security

 IAM Identity Summary

You can now answer the question of who has access to what regardless of where the resources and users are located. 

Easily generate and download PDF reports. 

Evolved IAM (Identity Access Management)

Better orchestration access policies management for better security

 Privilege Escalation  

Get continuous governance.
See over-privileged users, what they use, and excess usage and the risks they have.

Click on risk to read a detailed description of it.  

Web App PenTest

Complete Your Vulnerabilities Audit with Web App Pet Test

CloudWize Web Application Penetration Testing follows OWASP Web Security Testing Guide 4.2 and conducts an automated ‚Äúblackbox‚ÄĚ penetration scan on web applications.

Generate Report

Parallel Testing with No Targets Limitation

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Once a week our CEO, Chen Goldberg is giving a group demo. 

In this demo he’s showing how to gain maximum cloud security and compliance using CloudWize platform.¬†

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