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New – Risk Management with Threat Intelligence

We added a new Risk management dashboard with sophisticated Threat Intelligence that enables you, the user, to understand and act fast based on the most critical risk.

This view combines all the risk layers starting from misconfiguration, data exposure, data transfer at risk, vulnerability, privilege permission, MITRE ATT&CK, secret keys exposed, High Availability risk, Network Exposure, Zero Trust for the cloud environment, and more.

New – Data Security Posture Management

We added to our security stack a deep dive AI scanning of your cloud Data storage to show you where sensitive data are stored and might be exposed and non-compliant.

This check includes malware protection availability to enrich our contextual graph model, add that part out of the box, and prioritize the risk based on the business impact and all the other contextual risk layers of the cloud workloads.

IAC, Reports, DevSecOps Integration – Deep Dive

We added to our security Shift Left integration DevSecOps tools.

To show the risk as part of the CI/CD pipeline, we added integration with Azure DevOps and Cloud Source Repositories.

We also added a new deep dive resource map with the option to export the filter data and customize the Architecture Graph view. This simplifies the troubleshooting and eases the connection between the security unit and the Infrastructure, DevOps, develops, IT, SRE, and R&D teams.

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