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One Login Integration

SAML Single Sign-On is a mechanism that leverages SAML allowing users to log on to multiple web applications after logging into the identity provider. As the user only has to log in once, SAML SSO provides a faster, seamless user experience. And now you can add your OneLogin into the CloudWize platform.

Read in more details here.

Cost Optimization Analyzer for AWS

Now you can understand the potential cost of your IAAS in AWS. CloudWize platform shows you the specific steps you need to take to save money.

Filter By Account in the Insight

Now you can filter the accounts and get results per account on your insight page.

The filter will also change the scoring in each pillar. 

Adding Your Own Logo For all Reports and Architecture Blueprints

Now you can generate and export reports and architecture blueprints with your own company logo.

Easily add your logo to the CloudWize platform and generate reports as usual. 

Recommended to those who share the reports with their team or with their customers. 

Go to Admin Area >> Account Settings

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Join our weekly demo

Once a week our CEO, Chen Goldberg is giving a group demo. 

In this demo he’s showing how to gain maximum cloud security and compliance using CloudWize platform. 

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