Version 2.5.6 (May 2021) – What’s New

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Generate Compliance Coverage Report On-Demand

You can now generate cloud compliance coverage reports with a click of a button. Choose the compliance policy you want to generate the report for or export all policies coverage at once.

We are proud to present our new compliance-focused, Insights feature. We added the following abilities to the new insights: 

  • Tag to query result page – you can now query by tag and see each resource’s tag on the result page
  • Inventory connection from the query result – now you can understand the inventory and, more than that, you can understand all the inventory connections each service has.
  • Versioning rules, to better understand the rule lifecycle – understand who changed the policy and what was changed. Today companies can have a big hole in their security fence if they don’t have rule lifecycle versioning.
  • Graph chart in compliance mode – now you can see changes on a timeline. 
  • Upload your own package of compliance to customize specific organization requirements 
  • Add “Disable” for removed rules that are not relevant anymore. No more false-positive, disable the rule that is not relevant by click on the button next to the name of the rule, and he will be moved to the disabled section. 
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