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*NEW* Auto-remediation  (beta)

It’s not enough to get alerts of an issue because you have to deal with it and work it out. Solving problems is challenging and time-consuming. That’s why we developed a fully automated, end-to-end process that begins with issues identification straight to auto-remediation. 

What you have to do? Click on a button.

Query results map

As the saying goes, “A picture worth a thousand words”. At Cloudwize, we understand the importance of visualizing the information. With this new exciting feature, we add visual capabilities that will help you to explore and analyze your architecture quickly.

Group by

For results:

To quickly understand the hierarchy of your query results, we enable the group by functionality. Simply drag and drop to change the grouping order.

For query:

To track your inventory limitations, you need to count the number of resources you have under many different circumstances. I.e., how many IPs are used in a subnet or how many Instances a specific customer uses. That’s where our query “Group By” feature comes in hand. You can now count the number of any resource based on its relationship with any other resource.

Add resources from inventory (docked items)

After getting the answer to your query, you may want to see how those results integrate with other resources in your environment. Now you can do it by simply dragging any resource from your inventory to the results canvas. The system will present relations with other resources on the canvas.

Inner objects in properties

Cloud services properties can be single-valued or complex objects. This new feature helps you to navigate through the simple and complex properties with the same ease.

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