Version 2.0 (Mar 26, 2020) – What’s New

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General features:

  • SSO with google account
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Insights – New page

  • Now you can see rules results, and drill down for more details.
    • High-level view, to help you see your environment state in  a glance:
      • Rule name and number of active “Patterns” (a group of resources related to a single result) for this Rule
      • On a magic quadrant, Y-axis for rule severity according to rule creator, X-axis for the number of “Patterns” per Rule.  
        In our following releases, the X-axis will represent the Resource importance.
  • Results’ details, when you want to go deeper into the details:
    • Per Rule, you will see all the active “Patterns” and the following details on each “Pattern”, per Resource: 
      • Id
      • Service Name
      • Account ID
      • Tags (key: value)
      • Provider
  • You can also click on each “Pattern” to view a graphic visualization on our Architecture screen.

Architecture Query Tool – New page

  • Our new Query Tool enables you to perform any kind of investigation of your cloud architecture. The query is performed using a very simple-to-use graphical tool. With this tool, you can place the queried components and relations between these components, getting the result set in a table format, after which,  a graphical display of your architecture may be viewed. 
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