4. Insights

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Here you will be able to explore all the insights triggered by the system. An insight is triggered once a rule, either predefined by CloudWize.io or when you create one using the Query Builder, as described here, has one or more results.

The Insight engine is activated periodically, so once a rule will have no results anymore, this specific insight will no longer appear on the Insights page.

The real-time coverage overview panel on top.

The overview panel shows your coverage state for compliance, security, operations, cost, and performance.

A click on one of the tabs – Compliance, Security, Operations, Cost, or Performance will show you the rules in that category.

A click on All shows all the rules that are currently running. With an option to filter them.

Here you can filter all the insights by Tags, Severity, Pillar, and Cloud provider.

A click on the insight gives you more information

  • And explore a specific pattern when clicking a specific pattern’s line

From a specific pattern details line you can view this pattern on the Architecture page, by clicking the “View in Architecture” link.

This page list view allows you to selects the field you would like to be shown and to export the patterns to a CSV file.

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