5. Cost Control

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The cost section provides a view of all the accounts associated with all the providers in order to manage your cost views, breakdowns and reports at one place.

    we can visualize by graph or by table by clicking the  – button.

   We can export the table to csv and also filter the specific columns we want to export.

   When clicking  on  –                                we will get all the option we can filter by including tags.

Clicking on one of the services from the list  will open a full cost breakdown view of the service.    

later we can check on the architecture to understand all the connections .

Lets see down below the flow:

  1. Filter by service                              

2) Click on Elastic Load Balancing

3) take  the relevant id that is shown on   the right list table and see all the relevant

connection to the specific service in the architecture map:                 

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