3. Change Tracking

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The Change Tracking section allows you to view all the changes made to your architecture between two points in time. For every change made the information available by default  is:

  • Timestamp
  • Resource Type
  • User
  • Operation (Create, Delete, Update, Info)
  • Event Name
  • Resource ID
  • Tags
  • Changed field

This is the main section of the screen, here you can see all the changes made to your architecture between two dates

On the upper right, you can select the date range of the changes you would like to explore.

On top of the details shown as default on the changes table as a list, you can get the previous and current values of the change either by pressing the arrow on the left of the required line (preferable).

or by adding the “previous value” and “current value” fields to the table (mostly used for exporting the information to CSV as explained later).

The Previous and Current values feature is currently not available for all changes.

When a specific resource has more than one change on the selected time range, you will be able to easily move between those changes, any such resource will have 3 green dots right to its name, clicking these dots will open the timeline of the changes, and clicking the points on the timeline will show you the relevant change details.

You can export the details of the changes to a CSV file by using the export button.   

Change Tracking Filtering :

This panel allows you to filter all the changes made between the selected time range.

You can filter the changes by :

  • Account
  • Cloud provider
  • Operation
  • User
  • Event Name
  • Resource type
  • Service
  • Tags

After selecting the required filters, please click the apply button to perform the filtering. The selected filters will appear above the changes table.

When frequently using the same filter, you can save the filter by clicking the save button and providing a unique name and description.

You can retrieve the saved filters by selecting the “Saved Filter” tab.

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