Azure AD SSO Integration

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1. Sign in to Azure portal as an Admin.

2. From the left panel select All Services and then Azure Active Directory.

3. Click on the Add+ button and then select Enterprise Application.

4. Click on + Create your own application, Enter a name for your SSO App Name and click Create. (Make sure Non-gallery option is selected)

5. Select  Set up single sign on and then SAML.

6. Under Basic SAML Configuration, click Edit.

7. Enter under identifier (Entity ID) field.

Enter<your-organiztion-domain> in Replay URL ACS (Consumer) URL* field <your-organiztion-domain-name> and click save.

8. Under Attributes & Claims, click Edit.

9. Select Unique User Identifier (Name ID) row, and then change the Source attribute from user.userprincipalname -> to user.mail and click Save.

10. Under SAML Signing Certificate Copy the App Federation Metadata Url.

11. Go Back to Cloudwize app, Fill App Federation Metadata Url value (from step #10) in the Issuer URL Field.
Fill the SSO Domain value (<your-domain-name> value from step #7) in the SSO Domain field.

12. Click the Save button from the right corner.

13. Back to the App page you just created, from the left menu select Users and Groups, add Users/Groups to the app.

Single Sign-On using Azure AD is configured.

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