7. Admin Area

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The Admin area allows you to manage the CloudWize.io users, AWS accounts, and Azure subscriptions connected to your CloudWize.io account.

Users management:

Here you can invite new users and delete existing ones.

To invite a new user – under the “Users” tab, click the Invite new user button

enter the email address of the new user, and select the role of this new user to be :

  • Admin – allows the user to invite or delete users
  • User

Then click the invite button.

To delete an existing user – click the “delete” on the relevant user’s raw.

AWS accounts:

Under the “AWS accounts” tab you can connect a new AWS account or delete an existing one.

To add a new AWS account click the “Add new account” button

Then follow the on screen instructions

To delete an AWS account – click the “delete” on the relevant account’s raw.

Azure subscriptions:

Under the “Azure subscriptions” tab you can connect a new Azure subscription or delete an existing one.

To add a new Azure subscription click the “Add new subscription” button

Then click the Onboarding step by step instructions for the detailed on boarding process. When completing the process, please enter the required fields of the screen above.

To delete an Azure subscription – click the “delete” on the relevant subscription’s raw.

Kubernetes Cluster Integration:

 In order to add the Kubernetes clusters to our platform u need to Install our  agent.

Please follow this steps:

Please go to Admin Area and click on the  Kubernetes Tab icon –

Then u will see all the cluster id in the table list of the cluster that our collection find in your

account :

In order to deploy the agent into your cluster you need to click on the “Get CURL”   Blue button  and run the curl command in your account.

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