Adding Azure Subscription to CloudWize Platform

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Follow the next steps tp easily add your Azure subscription to cloudWize platform.

Go to Admin area.

To add a new Azure subscription, click the “Add new subscription” button.

To delete an Azure subscription – click the “delete” on the relevant subscription’s raw.

From Azure’s side:

Use an account that has Global administrator privileges in your active directory tenant, and has access to the subscriptions that you want to manage in CloudWize.

  1. Login to Azure Portal.
  2. From the menu, select Azure Active Directory.
  3. Select App registrations and then select new registration.

      4.Enter a name for the app, for the supported account types select the first option (default directory),    and for the redirect, URI enter Then, click Register.

5. Make a note of the application id, and tenant id.

6. From the left menu select certificates & secrets. Then select a new client secret. Make a note of the client’s secret.

7.Assign a Reader role to the Service Principal the desired subscriptions you want to add in the directory.

  • Copy the Application ID of the Service Principal.
  • From the menu, navigate to the Subscriptions page.
  • Select your subscription and open the Access Control (IAM) page.
  • Click Add, assign Reader, and paste the Application ID.
  • Select the service principal and click Save.

To finish the integration you need to provide us with the following data:

  • Application id
  • Tenant id.
  • Client secret

Go to the application and enter those parameters as described in the picture below:

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