Adding AWS account to CloudWize Platform

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Follow the next simple and easy steps to add AWS account to CloudWize platform.

  1. After clicking on the ‘Setup’ button for the AWS you will be directed to the page where you can configure the collection process. It is very important to understand that the process of the collection doesn’t need any implementation of an agent. We are only collecting meta-data of the resource.

The only agent that needs to implement it is when you have a managed Kubernetes cluster that is in private mode and that collection will be separate from these steps. I will explain later how to add this capability.

In the picture below you can see there are two buttons that can be enabled:

2 .The “Set Automation Lambda” configuration is for running auto-remediation to the insight, when enabling this you will sew an explanation of the authorization that the lambda will need. 

The second button “Configure Cost And Usage Report “ will bring the data of the cost from the usage report billing(see the picture below).

    3.After Enabling the configuration please click on the “NEXT” button.

    It will redirect you to an explanation of the steps that are going to happen once you click on    “OPEN CLOUDFORMATION CONSOLE”  described in the picture below:

             4. The process is fully automated and it giving read-only permission using assume-role from cloudwize aws account to the account you have to choose to add. Once it’s done the system will start to collect all the meta-data. This process is taken between 10-30 minutes depends on the number of resources you have in your account.  

If you want to add another account you can go to Admin Area in the left panel as described in the Picture Below:

 Click on the Aws Account tab in the Admin Area button and click on Add New Account button then repeat steps 1-4.

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