Core features

Maximum Compliance & Security

CloudWize is the ultimate platform to ensure cloud compliance and security.

Wait! There’s more

With CloudWize you can regain visibility and control over your ever-changing cloud environments, create an optimized, problem-free cloud architecture. 

You can troubleshoot faster, prevent incidents from reoccurring, detect divergence from best practices, optimize cloud-related costs and enforce all policies – compliance, cost, performance, and security. 

The best part? The Auto-remediation identifies cloud issues and fixes them for you. 


Alerts & Insights

+700 rules for maximum coverage

Ongoing scan for cloud vulnerabilities by using thousands of rules for compliance, cost, performance & security.

The rules are continuously updated from best practices and community recommendations. 

Get alerts on real-time events and prevent them from reoccurring by making them a rule with a click of a button.

Read more in our Documentation Here. 

- Auto Remediation

The end of unwanted cloud issues

Our auto-remediation make chasing cloud issues and fixing them a thing of the past.

All you have to do is click a button and our system does the rest. 

Read more in our Documentation Here.

Network Analyzer

AIOps in real-time

Analyze all your network layers simultaneously to see and secure your entire environment.

Query Builder

Get answers to all your cloud questions

Easy drag & drop query builder. 
Find thousands of rules in compliance, cost, performance & security continuously updated from best practices and community recommendations. 

Read more in our Documentation Here.

Change Tracker

Control your cloud & lower your maintenance time in 30%

Detect all the changes made to the architecture between two points in time (including drift).


You can revert and build specific filter to every scenario.


Read more in our Documentation Here.

Cost Control

Reduce 70% of your cloud environments cost

View cost, break it down and build reports in one place. The ideal tool for cost optimization, budget planning and waste reduction.

Read more in our Documentation Here.

Main Dashboard

Full observability over your cloud environments

Gain observability over your cloud management services.

Instant intake of your cost and insights as you open CloudWize platform.  

Read more in our Documentation Here.

Watch CloudWize in action

With CloudWize you can

Sit back & relax while our auto-remediation fix cloud issues for you

Avoid recurring cloud configuration errors

Proactively optimize costs

Enforce compliance, cost, performance & security policies

Continuously implement CloudOps & FinOps accumulated knowledge

Explore CloudWize

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