CloudWize for MSSPs & MSPs

Get the Best ROI for Cloud Security & Compliance Tool

Use 1 Tool Instead of Many 

70% of Companies Plan to Use MSSPs for Security in Next 12 Months

With more companies moving workloads to the cloud, they face cloud security and compliance issues, but they lack the resources and knowledge to handle them.

So… they turn to YOU, the MSP/MSSP, for help.

Now the responsibility shifts to you, and you need to give your clients a solution.

Your Challenges

  • How can you handle more than one client at a time and save your own resources?
  • Once is not enough, how to give continuous cloud security and compliance?
  • How can you compete with other MSPs/MSSPs when it comes to cloud security and compliance? 
  • How to provide your clients with an instant response?
The Biggest Challenge:
The ROI of a license for assessment and discovery is negative

CloudWize - A Designed Solution for MSSP &MSP

Offer One Time Discovery & Assessment of Cloud Vulnerabilities and Compliance State & Web App Pen Test for Your Clients

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