Taming the Cloud Beast: How You Can Conquer Security and Compliance Challenges After Your AWS Merger or Acquisition


CloudWize is the first out-of-the-box Cloud Security Center of Excellence (CSCoE) solution that helps companies easily guard their cloud by having maximum cloud security and compliance with minimal effort. Get 360° protection from architecture design to runtime and have peace of mind.

The thrill of a successful merger or acquisition can quickly turn into a tangled mess of wires (or rather, API calls) when it comes to integrating a new company’s cloud environment, particularly one built on the vast and ever-evolving landscape of AWS. Suddenly, you’re faced with a whole new set of resources, configurations, and – most importantly – security considerations, all buried beneath layers of raw data reports that can leave even the most seasoned IT pro feeling lost at sea.

This is where CloudWize, a cloud security center of excellence (CSCoE), comes in as your knight in shining armor. It offers a powerful suite of abilities specifically designed to bring clarity and control, with a focus on security and compliance, to the chaos of inheriting a new AWS environment. CloudWize is more than just another cloud security management platform; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers you to easily secure your cloud environments.

Cutting Through the Data Deluge: The Power of Secure and Compliant Filtering with CloudWize

One of the most immediate challenges you’ll face when integrating a new AWS environment is sifting through the sheer volume of data, ensuring security and compliance. Traditional cloud data reports can be overwhelming, throwing a firehose of metrics and resource details at you with little context or organization. CloudWize, as your CSCoE, tackles this problem head-on by offering a robust filtering system specifically tailored to the intricacies of AWS security and compliance.

Imagine being able to effortlessly drill down into your security posture, filtering by specific AWS services like EC2 instances, S3 buckets, or Lambda functions. Need to understand compliance gaps by region? CloudWize has you covered. Want to identify potential security misconfigurations within a particular department associated with the acquired company? With CloudWize’s intuitive filtering capabilities, you can do just that. This granular control over your data empowers you to pinpoint exactly what you need to see to ensure a secure and compliant environment, eliminating the need to waste time deciphering mountains of irrelevant information.

From Raw Data to Clear Security Insights: The Magic of Visualization with CloudWize

CloudWize doesn’t just give you data; it gives you security insights. Security data is powerful, but it can also be cryptic. CloudWize understands this, and that’s why it goes beyond simply presenting you with raw figures. The platform transforms this data into clear and visually compelling charts, graphs, and reports. This visual storytelling allows you to see trends in security posture over time, identify services with unexpected access controls, and spot potential outliers that might indicate security vulnerabilities.

Imagine being able to see a clear breakdown of your entire AWS environment’s security posture, both from your original infrastructure and the newly acquired company, presented in a way that makes security risks evident. CloudWize helps you move beyond spreadsheets and endless reports, giving you a holistic view of your cloud security posture at a glance. This visual clarity empowers you to make informed decisions about security best practices, prioritize threats, identify and remediate misconfigurations, and ensure your entire AWS environment is operating securely and compliantly.

Taking Control: Streamlined Management for a Secure and Compliant Integration with CloudWize

Beyond data visualization and filtering, CloudWize empowers you to effectively manage and secure your newly expanded AWS environment. With clear visualizations, you can:

  • Strengthen Security Posture: CloudWize’s insights into security configurations and access controls help you identify areas where your AWS environment might be vulnerable. You can then take steps to remediate misconfigurations, enforce least privilege access controls, and implement other security best practices to ensure a more secure and compliant cloud environment.
  • Identify and Address Compliance Gaps: CloudWize can help you identify areas where your AWS environment might be out of compliance with relevant security regulations. This allows you to prioritize compliance efforts and take steps to close any compliance gaps quickly and efficiently.
  • Ensure Continuous Monitoring: With CloudWize’s proactive monitoring capabilities, you can stay on top of potential security threats and compliance issues. The platform can help you identify suspicious activity, unauthorized access attempts, and other anomalies that might indicate a security breach.

CloudWize: Your Trusted CSCoE, Prioritizing Security and Compliance

In the fast-paced world of mergers and acquisitions, every minute counts. CloudWize, as your cloud security center of excellence, goes beyond simple cost management by providing the tools and insights you need to navigate the complexities of integrating a new AWS environment, prioritizing security and compliance. With its focus on enhanced data visualization, intuitive filtering, streamlined management functionalities, and security expertise, CloudWize empowers you to:

  • Gain Faster Visibility into Security Posture: Stop wasting time wrestling with raw data reports. CloudWize provides immediate clarity and insights into your new AWS environment’s security posture, allowing you to make informed decisions about security and compliance quickly.
  • Reduce Integration Risks: The process of integrating a new cloud environment can be a security nightmare. CloudWize streamlines the process by providing the tools you need to understand, identify, and remediate security misconfigurations within the newly acquired infrastructure, ensuring a secure and compliant integration.
  • Drive Informed Security Decisions: With CloudWize’s actionable security insights at your fingertips, you can make strategic decisions about security best practices, access controls, and overall cloud security strategy for your newly merged entity. This translates into a more secure and compliant cloud environment, positioning your organization for long-term success in the ever-evolving threat landscape.

Investing in Security and Compliance: The Value of CloudWize

While the initial excitement of a merger or acquisition can quickly fade when faced with the complexities of integrating cloud environments, CloudWize offers a compelling return on value (ROV) that goes beyond just cost savings. Here’s how CloudWize can benefit your organization:

  • Reduced Integration Time and Security Risks: By streamlining the integration process, minimizing security vulnerabilities, and ensuring a compliant migration, CloudWize helps you save valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent securing a new AWS environment.
  • Enhanced Security Posture and Compliance: CloudWize empowers you to identify and remediate security misconfigurations, enforce least privilege access controls, and continuously monitor your environment for threats. This translates to a more secure and compliant cloud infrastructure, reducing the risk of data breaches and regulatory fines.
  • Improved Security Decision Making: With clear data visualizations and actionable security insights, CloudWize equips your security team with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about security best practices, prioritize threats, and proactively address vulnerabilities.
  • Peace of Mind: CloudWize’s proactive monitoring capabilities and focus on security best practices give you peace of mind knowing your AWS environment is secure and compliant. This allows you to focus on other aspects of the merger or acquisition with the confidence that your cloud security is in good hands.

CloudWize: Your Trusted Partner for Secure and Compliant Cloud Integration

Mergers and acquisitions present exciting opportunities for growth, but integrating complex cloud environments can be a daunting challenge, especially when it comes to security and compliance. CloudWize, as your trusted Cloud Security Center of Excellence (CSCoE), is your partner in navigating this challenge. With its robust filtering capabilities, clear security visualizations, streamlined management tools, and focus on security, CloudWize empowers you to gain control, achieve a secure and compliant integration of your newly expanded AWS environment, and unlock the full potential of your unified cloud infrastructure. Don’t let the cloud become a security nightmare.

Take control with CloudWize and ensure a secure and compliant cloud foundation for your merged entity.

*You can use CloudWize if you have AWS, Azure, GCP, and VMware environments.  

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