Streamlining SOC Processes using CloudWize: A Case Study


CloudWize is the first out-of-the-box Cloud Security Center of Excellence (CSCoE) solution that helps companies easily guard their cloud by having maximum cloud security and compliance with minimal effort. Get 360° protection from architecture design to runtime and have peace of mind.

This case study will show how one of our customers used CloudWize’s platform to streamline their SOC processes.

 In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud technology, it’s imperative for businesses to ensure the security of their digital assets. For a prominent Indian multinational conglomerate, often referred to as our esteemed client, this became a significant challenge. 

The lack of observability of its multi-cloud environment posed a threat to the organization’s security. In an effort to tackle this issue and fortify their security operations, our client turned to CloudWize, a cloud security center of excellence, that promises to be the answer to many of their cloud security concerns. 

This case study delves into the challenges our client faced, the solution they adopted, and the remarkable results they achieved with CloudWize.

Challenges Faced by Our Client

Our client’s security team consisted of just five members tasked with the immense responsibility of securing numerous applications and websites. The intricacies of dealing with various cloud assets from providers like AWS and Azure compounded the challenge. 

The lack of observability across their cloud assets and a surge in the number of stakeholders involved in the security processes made the task at hand even more complex. 

The team realized they needed a comprehensive solution to provide better visibility, streamline their operations, and seamlessly integrate with their existing Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tool.

Multi-Cloud Doesn’t Have to be Multi-Disaster

Managing a complex, multi-cloud environment with limited resources is always a daunting task. The challenge further intensified when it became apparent that their current tools and processes were inadequate to keep up with the pace of technological advancements. 

The client’s security team was juggling various cloud assets across different providers like AWS and Azure. The absence of clear observability made it nearly impossible to detect and respond to potential security threats effectively.

Team Effort All-Around

Moreover, the organization had to cater to a growing number of stakeholders with varying degrees of influence and responsibility in the cloud security ecosystem. The multi-dimensional nature of this landscape made it challenging for the security team to communicate effectively and ensure all stakeholders were on the same page.

The issue of managing and securing multi-cloud environments is a concern for many organizations. It often involves complex workflows and requires a deep understanding of various cloud providers, each with its own set of security measures and controls. 

In this regard, our esteemed client’s challenges mirror those faced by numerous enterprises operating in a multi-cloud environment.

The CloudWize Solution

After a thorough evaluation of several options, our esteemed client opted for CloudWize as their preferred tool. The choice was driven by CloudWize’s unique features that directly addressed the company’s needs.

One of the standout features of CloudWize is its clear observability of cloud environments. It allows the security team to view all their resources in one central location, providing a holistic understanding of the environment.

In the world of cloud security, this level of visibility is priceless. Moreover, CloudWize comes equipped with auto-remediation capabilities, ensuring that the team has the power to mitigate issues with a simple click of a button.

The onboarding process with CloudWize was seamless and user-friendly, which was crucial for our client. In addition, the tool integrated seamlessly with their existing security infrastructure, particularly their Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tool.

This streamlined the entire security process, as there were no major disruptions or changes to existing workflows.

Critical Factor to Consider

One critical factor that stood out was the tool’s ability to provide both network security and API security. For our client, having a comprehensive solution was paramount. This versatility of CloudWize made it the ideal choice.

Furthermore, CloudWize’s visualization capabilities proved to be a game-changer. The tool presents an architecture graph that simplifies the otherwise time-consuming process of mapping cloud assets and their dependencies. While competitors do offer similar graphs, they lack the depth and hierarchy that CloudWize brings to the table. The intricate detail in CloudWize’s visualization makes it an invaluable asset.

Another feature that set CloudWize apart was its Cloud Security Center of Excellence. This aspect provided an upper hand over major competitors, as it catered specifically to enterprise companies.

The tool’s capability to provide both network security and API security is a vital feature in an era where cloud environments are highly dynamic. This ensures that all potential entry points and vulnerabilities are covered, offering a comprehensive solution to safeguard cloud assets.

The choice of CloudWize also aligns with the growing trend of security tools that offer not just monitoring but also automated remediation. In a fast-paced digital landscape, where threats can emerge and evolve rapidly, the ability to respond swiftly is a crucial aspect of cloud security.

Remarkable Results

After several months of integrating CloudWize into their security operations, our esteemed client experienced a remarkable transformation. The tool delivered immediate observability of their multi-cloud environments, consolidating all the essential information into a single pane of glass. This level of clarity made the management of their cloud security a breeze.

Moreover, CloudWize streamlined their alert processes. It automatically directed alerts to the relevant personnel responsible for addressing the issues. This not only saved time but also ensured that the right people were handling each situation, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

CloudWize’s contribution to improved communication was another noteworthy achievement. It bridged the communication gap between the security team and all stakeholders involved in the cloud ecosystem. The transparency provided by the tool created an environment of trust and collaboration.

An aspect that particularly impressed our client was the flexibility of the CloudWize team in accommodating new feature requests. This level of responsiveness surpassed their experiences with other tools. The willingness to adapt and grow with their needs was a significant advantage.

In the realm of security, responsiveness is key. Threats can evolve rapidly, and having a tool that not only detects issues but also allows for quick remediation is invaluable. The streamlining of alert processes is a considerable efficiency gain, particularly for organizations with limited security resources. It ensures that the right problems are addressed promptly, enhancing the overall security posture.

Moreover, improved communication within the security team and with other stakeholders is a crucial element of effective security operations. A lack of communication and understanding can lead to missteps and vulnerabilities. CloudWize’s role in bridging this communication gap contributed significantly to a more robust security infrastructure.


In conclusion, our esteemed client’s decision to adopt CloudWize as their cloud security solution has proven to be a remarkable success. The tool effectively addressed the core challenges faced by the organization, offering direct and clear observability over their cloud environments, auto-remediation capabilities, and seamless integration with existing tools. The feature-rich tool even provided security and compliance alerts and recommendations in significantly less time compared to other alternatives.

The visualization capabilities, depth, and hierarchy in CloudWize’s architecture graph provided an edge over competitors. The Cloud Security Center of Excellence further solidified its position as a top choice for enterprise companies.

Adoption of CloudWize

The adoption of CloudWize translated into improved communication, streamlined alert processes, and an overall enhancement of our client’s security posture. This case study exemplifies the transformative power of the right cloud security tool, demonstrating how it can streamline operations and fortify an organization’s digital assets in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, all while respecting the privacy and confidentiality of our valued customers.

In the realm of data privacy, it’s paramount to emphasize that our approach to this case study, and the use of anonymized references to our esteemed client, is rooted in our unwavering commitment to respecting our customer’s privacy. We recognize the significance of safeguarding the identities and operations of our clients, and this case study is a testament to that dedication.

Our client’s choice to protect their identity underscores their proactive approach to data security and privacy, and we are honored to support them in this journey. Privacy is not just a regulation, but a principle we hold dear, and it’s at the core of our mission to secure the cloud environments of our valued clients.

In conclusion, CloudWize stands as a powerful tool that exemplifies the fusion of cutting-edge technology with a deep commitment to data privacy and security.

Our esteemed client’s successful integration of CloudWize underscores the significance of choosing the right cloud security solution that respects privacy while fortifying digital assets in an ever-evolving cloud landscape. With these advancements, our client’s security operations are better equipped to navigate the complexities of the digital realm, safeguarding their assets and ensuring the utmost confidentiality and integrity.

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