Popular Questions (and answers) about Cloud Security Tools


CloudWize is an agentless platform that helps companies easily guard their cloud by having maximum cloud security and compliance with minimal effort. Get 360° protection from architecture design to runtime and have peace of mind.

Popular Questions (and answers) about Cloud Security Tools

There are many questions about cloud security and compliance. In this blog post, we wanted to be as helpful as we could, so we collected ten popular questions about cloud security and compliance tools and answered them. If you have a question that you’d like to ask us, feel free to schedule a demo here or send your question to info@cloudwize.io.

Q number 1: Why can’t I use the tools I get from AWS, Azure, or GCP? 

A: Cloud providers give different security and compliance services. But each service answer one specific security goal. The user needs to operate many services and integrate between them so they can have the full visibility that CloudWize offers from the get-go.  

When you use CloudWize, you’re saving the money you’d spend on unnecessary services and the time to operate and integrate those services, and you get all the relevant updates. 

Another important point is that the cloud provider’s specialty is cloud services, not cloud security and compliance. Therefore, unlike CloudWize, their top priority isn’t to update their services with the latest security needs, regulations, and community recommendations. 

CloudWize makes sure that our users get the most updated CVEs. 

Q number 2: Many security tools are left on the shelf collecting dust simply because we don’t have enough workforce or knowledge. In this case, why should we get CloudWize? 

A: CloudWize is an automatic virtual helper that monitors your cloud environments 24/7 and gives you the critical threats so you can focus your time on critical threats. 

Onboarding CloudWize platform is seamless and takes minutes. From that moment on, the user doesn’t have to work hard. CloudWize simplifies things by showing all the critical threats the user needs to address on one screen. Also, the user can give permission to CloudWize to auto-remediate for him. All of this makes CloudWize an effective management platform that you use from the moment of onboarding. 

Note that we’re an agentless, read-only platform.  

Q number 3: What if the workload I have now changes in the future? Do I have to plan my budget ahead of time? 

A: The best way to build security baselines is from the design stage. This help now to prevent mistakes that cost money later. 

Also, CloudWize knows that companies can grow exponentially, so we have flexible pricing options. Compared to other tools in the market, CloudWize platform has the best ROI and agile plans that grow with the users instead of paying huge sums taken from the overall cloud budget (we even help you save money with our cost business impact feature). 

Q number 4: Right now, I don’t have a big workload. Do I need to use a tool? 

A: Growth is a slow process that doesn’t happen overnight, but if you don’t keep a close eye on it, you can find yourself unaware of the resources you have. By using CloudWize when you have a small workload, you can track and control your progress and growth. 

Q number 5: Today, there are already too many tools that cloud stakeholder (CISO, R&D, DevOps teams, SREs, analysts) use, and my concern is to take another tool that fit only a specific role. 

A: CloudWize solution is a cloud center of excellence. We build the platform with the cloud different stakeholders to get the best product market fit. We created one platform for the needs of CISOs, R&Ds, DevOps, DevSecOps, SREs, and FinOps, to help them communicate in one language and let all of them a tool they can use. 

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Q number 6: CloudWize is a powerful tool, but my concern is that I don’t know what kind of risks my environment has and how my resources are connected. So maybe a one-time assessment is more suitable to where I stand? Or maybe I should wait until I investigate my environment. 

A: CloudWize scans your environments in minutes and gives you full resources discovery and risk assessment. Cloud environments change from week to week or from sprint to sprint. With CloudWize, you’ll be continuously monitoring changes and risks in your environment.

Something that is very hard to do manually or with one time instead of ongoing monitoring. 

Q number 7: I don’t have the time or workforce for a tool like that. 

A: CloudWize is an autonomic platform. After a few minutes of onboarding, the platform automatically monitors and maps the risks by priority. CloudWize can connect to any SIEM SOC or ticketing systems and doesn’t need to be used daily. 

Q number 8: I don’t know if I need a tool like this. 

A: One of the things that attackers love is exploitable vulnerabilities and situations we can’t fully control. Cloud environments create a huge challenge, even if a small workload can have entry points and immediate attacks for hackers. In the last few years, more and more companies were breached through their cloud environments and were exploited by data miners because of misconfigurations, human errors, and identity access that was given without monitoring and control. 

That’s why companies’ growing need for tools that continuously monitor, identify, and mitigate risks rises daily. 

Q number 9: My cloud providers take care of the security and compliance, and they are the ones with the responsibility. 

A: The resources the cloud providers give are secured but how you use those resources is the users’ responsibility alone. We see that companies that don’t use cloud security and compliance tools are under attack, sometimes unknowingly. 

In the picture below, you can which responsibility is yours and which is the cloud provider’s responsibility. 

cloud security sahared sesponsibility table

Q number 10: With so many tools in the market, how can we know which one we need and choose the right one? 

A: CloudWize was founded 5 years ago by founders who felt the same pain of having too many tools used by different departments and not knowing how to integrate them together. Whether they are CWPP, CSPM, CNAPP, vulnerability management, and more. That’s why CloudWize is suitable for enterprises as well as SMBs (and even MSPs and MSSPs). Because it has the critical capabilities that scan cloud architecture from design to build to production. Each stage has CloudWize unique engines that give full visibility to the risks in those stages. With a smart and easy investigation tool.  

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