2023 Summary of Data Breaches, Evolving Threats, and Urgent Needs


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2023 witnessed a stark surge in cloud data breaches, raising alarm bells on the security of our increasingly cloud-reliant world. This blog delves into the concerning statistics and unveils what they tell us about the evolving threat landscape.

Breaches on the Rise: Businesses Under Attack

  • 39% of businesses experienced a cloud data breach in 2023, a 4% jump from the previous year. This means nearly two out of five companies faced unauthorized access to their sensitive information.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and cloud storage were the top targets for hackers, highlighting the vulnerability of these widely used solutions.

Sensitive Data Exposed: A Ticking Time Bomb

Despite 75% of businesses storing over 40% of their sensitive data in the cloud, only 45% encrypt it, leaving a vast chunk vulnerable. Worryingly, only 14% have complete control over encryption keys, creating further security risks.

Multi cloud Complexity: A Double-Edged Sword

The multi-cloud trend continues its upward trajectory, with 79% of organizations using multiple providers. While this offers flexibility, it adds to management burdens and potential security gaps, as 55% find managing data across clouds more complex than on-premises solutions. Additionally, 83% raise concerns about data sovereignty in the cloud, underlining growing anxieties around privacy and compliance.

Shifting Threat Landscape: Beyond Encryption-Based Ransomware

While ransomware remains a significant threat, 2023 saw a rise in data theft and extortion-only campaigns. Attackers like the Clop group focused on stealing sensitive data and demanding ransom for its non-disclosure, showcasing a worrying trend. Attackers are also shifting tactics, increasingly exploiting tools like remote monitoring and management (RMM) and leveraging compromised credentials to bypass security measures. Phishing and social engineering, as highlighted by the MGM breach, remain significant threats.

Major Cyberattacks & Evolving Tactics: A Sobering Reality

  • ESXi Ransomware Attacks: This attack exploited a vulnerability in the VMware ESXi hypervisor, impacting thousands of servers worldwide. Read more on Dark Reading
  • GoAnywhere Attacks: A zero-day vulnerability in the GoAnywhere file transfer platform was exploited, affecting millions of individuals across numerous organizations. Read more on The Hacker News.
  • 3CX Software Supply Chain Attack: This compromised a widely used communications software, demonstrating the dangers of supply chain attacks. Read more on Computer Weekly.
  • MOVEit Attacks: A widespread campaign by the Clop group exploited a vulnerability in Progress’ MOVEit, targeting thousands of organizations and leading to massive data breaches. Read more on TechCrunch.
  • Microsoft Cloud Email Breach: This high-profile incident compromised Microsoft cloud email accounts of U.S. government agencies, raising concerns about security practices. Read more on Security Week.
  • Casino Operator Attacks: The attacks on MGM and Caesars Entertainment highlighted social engineering, collaboration between hacking groups, and the growing use of Ransomware-as-a-Service. Read more in the New York Post
  • Barracuda Email Security Gateway Attacks: A vulnerability affected 5% of active devices, primarily targeting government agencies, attributed to a group linked to the Chinese government. Read more on Security Week.

Pathways to Better Security: Building a Secure Cloud Environment

The adoption of multi-factor authentication (MFA) has risen to 65%, showing progress in securing access controls. However, only 41% of organizations have implemented zero trust controls, indicating a need for more comprehensive security measures. Businesses must prioritize data encryption, adopt robust security measures like zero trust, and address the complexities of multicloud environments. Staying vigilant against evolving threats like data theft, extortion, and shifting attack tactics is crucial.

The Bottom Line: A Call to Action

The alarming statistics of 2023 paint a concerning picture of cloud security vulnerabilities. By understanding the evolving threat landscape and implementing robust security measures, businesses can build a more secure cloud environment. Let’s work together to make the cloud a safer space for everyone.

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