Guard Your Cloud Environments

No-Code Solution for Maximum
Compliance & Security

One place to audit your coverage, track cost, operations and performance. 

Gain understanding of the engineering team’s configurations that may affect you.

Guard Your Cloud Environments

Maximum Compliance & Security​

Instantly turn incidents into rules and alerts and monitor actual changes and zoom-in on root-cause

Trusted By

Automatic compliance & security enforcement to uphold cloud required regulation. 

Ongoing auto-scan and remediation of vulnerabilities

Auto-scanning for cloud vulnerabilities


Continuously running compliance & security rules


Vast cloud security audit


Full observability over all cloud resources


Analyze, predict and optimize cost


Enforce all policies - compliance, cost, performance & security


Auto-remediation identifies cloud events and fix them for you


Make recurring incidents a thing of the past


Significantly reduce recovery time


Resources Scanned 24/7

Rules Running 24/7

0 %
Troubleshooting Time Saved

Instant Alerts & Insights

CloudWize platform scans your cloud for vulnerabilities. See all the alerts and insights in one dashboard. 

Access All Cloud Resources In One Place

Complete multi-cloud support from individual to cross-clouds analysis and control, all in one console

Read-only mode

We work in read-only passive mode, accessing only cloud meta-data, delivering one of the safest cloud management tools out there

Powerful Network Analyzer

AIOps in real-time

Analyze all your network layers simultaneously to see and secure your entire environments. 

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