Guard Your Cloud Environments

No-Code Solution for Maximum
Security & Compliance

Get 360°  Workloads Protection

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Guard Your Cloud Environments

No-Code Solution for Maximum
Security & Compliance

Get 360°  Workloads Protection

Watch our less than 5 min demo

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Guard Your Cloud Environments

Maximum Security​
& Compliance

Get 360°  Workloads Protection

Trusted By The Best

Dodge Security & Compliance Bullets

Get Automatic Security and Compliance Coverage with Powerful Investigation Abilities

Auto-scanning for cloud vulnerabilities

Continuously running compliance & security rules


Vast cloud security audit

cloud security audit (1)

Auto-remediation identifies cloud events and fix them for you

Protect Your CI/CD

Threat Detection

Identity Protection

Environment Lockdown

Continuous Monitoring

Shadow and Visibility

Data Protection

Configuration Management


Most Loved Features

Alerts & Insights

Alerts & Insights

Resources & Assets Inventory

Robust Query Builder

Robust Query Builder

Wait! There's more:
Network Analyzer, Auto Remediation, Change Tracker, Cost Control

As someone who reviews tools all the time, I heartily recommend using CloudWize platform for cloud security and compliance. It gets the job done and then some. This sophisticated tool helps you take charge of your cloud at ease.

Viktor Farcic

Where we are in the cloud security & compliance world

More Benefits

Full observability over all cloud resources
All your cloud resources in one place.

See all accounts and every relationship easily.

Filter or group by choice.
Make recurring incidents a thing of the past
CloudWize platform alerts you for cloud events or issues.

You can choose to make that alert to a rule or easily create a rule, to make sure it won't happen again.
Analyze, predict and optimize cost
Analyze your cost with in-depth reports.

Get cost predictions and recommendations.

The ideal tool for cost optimization, budget planning and waste reduction.

Manage your billing in one place.
Active Monitoring
Troubleshooting cloud issues and events in minutes instead of days and weeks.

Detect all the changes made to the architecture between two points in time (including drift).

You can revert and build specific filter to every scenario.

Aggregate a few resources or group specific resources in one screen. No need to go over one component at a time.

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Resources Scanned 24/7

Rules Running 24/7

0 %
Troubleshooting Time Saved

Instant Alerts & Insights

CloudWize platform scans your cloud for vulnerabilities. See all the alerts and insights in one dashboard. 

Access All Cloud Resources In One Place

Complete multi-cloud support from individual to cross-clouds analysis and control, all in one console

Read-only mode

We work in read-only passive mode, accessing only cloud meta-data, delivering one of the safest cloud management tools out there

Powerful Network Analyzer

AIOps in real-time

Analyze all your network layers simultaneously to see and secure your entire environments. 

Learn more about our core features

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Join our weekly demo

Once a week our CEO, Chen Goldberg is giving a group demo. 

In this demo he’s showing how to gain maximum cloud security and compliance using CloudWize platform. 

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